Liszt Academy - Solti Hall
Budapest, Liszt Ferenc sqr 8, 1061
1900, 2900 Ft

At Home in Europe – At Home in Germany

For its concert at the Transparent Sound New Music Festival, Metrum Ensemble compiled the programme from works of British, Hungarian, Argentinian, Italian and Ecuadorian composers. The artists all have their distinct styles, perspectives, and creative approaches, but they have all lived or are currently living in Germany, and therefore share a connection to German culture and music traditions. The older generation is represented by two South American composers, Mauricio Kagel (1931-2008) and Mesías Maiguascha (1938), who have integrated deeply into German music culture, with Maiguascha, who studied under Stockhausen, being a significant figure of contemporary electronic music. Rebeca Saunders and Clara Ianotta play in an important role in contemporary German music life not only as composers, but also as teachers and curators. As for the Hungarian artists, József Sári lived in Germany in the 1970s and 80s, while Abigél Varga currently resides there as a scholarship recipient. The programme is the opening concert of the Transparent Sound New Music Festival.



  • Mesías Maiguashca: ‘…I can breathe…’
  • Rebecca Saunders: Quartet
  • Abigél Varga: Es liegt der heiße Sommer (Heinrich Heine versére)
  • Mauricio Kagel: Phantasiestück
  • Clara Iannotta: The people here go mad. They blame the wind.
  • József Sári: Two Kosztolányi songs
  • Ádám Kondor: Fuga B 10’


  • Anna Rákóczy - flute
  • Andrea Nagy - clarinet
  • Balázs Kántor - cello
  • Eszter Agárdi - cello
  • František Výrostko - double bass
  • László Kéringer - vocals
  • László Borbély - piano
  • Bálint Baráth - piano, electronics
  • Lajos Rozmán - Artistic director, conductor and featuring on clarinet