At Home in Europe – At Home in Germany

For its concert at the Transparent Sound New Music Festival, Metrum Ensemble compiled the programme from works of British, Hungarian, Argentinian, Italian and Ecuadorian composers.


MAO Art of Virus #1 feat. ifj. KURTÁG GYÖRGY, VAJDA GERGELY

Modern Art Orchestra gives highlighted attention to the AOV-artists and their connections in the 2021/22-season. The ten concerts of the season will introduce the compositions of the ten branches of the project with an invited AOV-composer guest each time.
01.16 19:30
BMC - Concert Hall

The inside of a tone

Microtonal compositions by Phill Niblock, Nikolaus Gerszewski, and Bálint Bolcsó
01.13 20:00
Három Holló

Next Generation Performers

Over the years, the youngest composer generation had the opportunity to introduce themselves at the Next Generation concerts, organized in FUGA.
01.23 18:00

“These were child works …”

János Baksa Soós, born 1948 in Budapest, emigrated to Germany in 1971, where he lived and worked until his death in 2021.The extremely rich artistic and musical legacy he created during this time period it is still being explored.
01.14 19:30

Jean-Philippe Gross (FR), János Bali, Kamon Kardamom

The emergence of electronic instruments has resulted not only in new timbres, but also in a paradigm shift in the field of musical thinking, especially when it comes to improvisation.
01.21 18:00
Institut français de Budapest

Piano_Heroine – Lluïsa Espigolé’s multimedia concert

Lluïsa Espigolé is intensively engaged in contemporary experimental music. Her activity is currently focused on the performance and premieres as a soloist, chamber musician, ensembles and increasingly in interdisciplinary projects, sound performance and free improvisation.
01.09 18:00


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